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Some of My favorite and popular deviations

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Welcome to my Page


Thank you to all those who comment, favorite, and watch me. Thank you to Scarlettthewanderer for the card.

The following photo although is my work I consider this images success a gift from God, and all my watchers and everyone who has ever favorited or even viewed any of my work. I just checked the way back machine and it is in the top 250 deviations of all of Deviant Art for the day it was submitted. I did the math with the average being about 160,000 deviations submitted each day that means the below deviation is in the top 99.998% of the day. That is on level with percent of Germs most Hand Sanitizers clean if not beyond them. I never thought this image would be so popular and I am honored. I mean I am still fighting back tears over this accomplishment.

As The Thoughts Rush by CRGPhotography


If you want to thank me, go ahead.

Give a Llama Get a Llama
Don't Thank Me for the Llama by DirtyZephyrAssassin
If you want to chat with me send me a note I like to make new friends and help people. Just if you are going to send me a hate note there really isn't much point. I don't answer trolls.

If you like something I like feel free to send me a note.

If you're into conspiracies and are interested in chatting about them send me a note. I am always up for learning new things.

If you are depressed and need to chat feel free to send me a note.

If I did something to irritate you let me know so we can work it out. If I did something wrong I'll gladly admit it and apologize.

Things made for me or inspired by my work.

Thank you :icongreenunicornart: for the amazing birthday present :D
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! by GreenUnicornArt

Thank you :iconmccracken-art: for using my work as a base for these lovely pieces.
Licking Luxury by McCracken-Art
Thank you :iconsleeping-seven: for the beautiful commission
Blue Snow :PC: by Sleeping-Seven

Thank you :iconkodapops: for using my work as a base for your stunning artworks.
Arrival - My Style by kodapops Grandmas Pink Roses by kodapops Belinda Mary Sunshine - My Style by kodapops Peacock Colour - my style (beautiful dreamer) by kodapops

Thank you :iconbelindamary: for the fantastic gift

Thank you :iconanimefox25reborn: for the tear provoking gift it's beautiful.
Show Me That Smile by AnimeFox25Reborn

Thank you :iconasatra: so much for the lovely drawing of Lily! You can commission her if you like what you see :D
CMSH :: Lily Smiles by Asatra

Thank you so much :iconteaphotography: for the generous dedications :D
Tidings of Gratitude by TeaPhotographySummer Time Love by TeaPhotographyHappy Endings- I Survived by TeaPhotography

Thank you so much to :iconc0mpassion: for the following fractal gifts she made using gradients from my work.
Origin of Compassion by C0MPASSIONI Can Feel Her Soul by C0MPASSIONDreaming Beautifully by C0MPASSION

Thank you all so much!

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Oct 25, 2014
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Oct 25, 2014
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Oct 25, 2014
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Oct 25, 2014
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Not sure how many of my watchers actually check the status things. However in the off chance that some do I would love to invite you to :iconmylovelypet: an amazing group for all animal lovers which is new and already has 500 members. They do features very often. It allows all mediums of animal art. It's main purpose is pets but has a lot of folders for animals wild or not.

Another awesome group I'd like to suggest is :iconbrightandcheerful: a great group for all visual mediums. As long as it's not violent, dark, or provocative and is a visual medium check it out.

Both groups are ran in part by one of the most amazing and kind women on DA MYPeanutGallery

Check her and her groups out!
Things on my desk. Pick which you have also.
15 deviants said stack of papers
4 deviants said 3/5th eaten chocolate chip cookie
4 deviants said used tissues
4 deviants said Wait I don't have a girlfriend. AHHHH STRANGER DANGER!
3 deviants said inhaler
2 deviants said container of tums turned on it's side
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The longest streak I've ever had without getting sick has ended. Coughing up a lung, plugged nose, sore throat, mucus drainage, waterry eyes. #sicknessmakesmecoughevery5seconds Not my original hashtag for once. and as always remember to watch, fav, and play laser tag. :SpartanLazor: 

Prayer Request 10-24-14

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 10:07 AM

I would like to ask for prayers that are bank agrees to add 10,000 to our House Loan so that we can pay off my mom's credit cards then raise the payments so that my mom can start getting her credit under control. We have a Law Office calling us steady because she can't pay them $1,000 right away. We can't even answer our phone because we know it's going to be collections. Even when we were answering it they'd hang up right away. Just harassing us.

I'd also like to ask for prayers for some of my mom's co-workers. The wages are so low that several lost their apartments and are now living out of their vehicles and going to take a shower at truck stops.

My friends also in a bad spot.

It Continues....Continuing with my current "experience", I must admit while apparently it is real, it feels NO DIFFERENT then it did two weeks ago, prior to the MRI.  This INCESSANT ringing in the ears is my chief complaint.  I have had it for 20 plus years and I really have had enough of it!  Alas, there seems to be "more" in store. 
Just yesterday I had blood taken (this person was GOOD.... NEVER felt a "stick" and THAT was a beautiful thing!) for a TSH test (POSSIBLY something to do with the ringing) and a few other odds and ends.  I do have another MRI scheduled in January.  At least there will be some quantifiable measurement to compare this tumor to....
The "idea" that this is in my head is sort of a good news-bad news scenario.  Good for the obvious reasons, BUT.... knowledge is not necessarily power.... there are times it can be a CURSE!
After all is said and done, yes.... human Doctors are a pretty incredible bunch of people.  HOWEVER, Dr. JESUS is

Including previous feature as it's only been 3 days and I do them for atleast a week.

Now onto an art feature.

The Love Of God by raro I saw that piece and was just wowed. I normally feature work either for someone extremely underappreciated or who is a watcher but that piece was just so impactful I had to feature it right away.

A glimpse of heaven by Eventor29Watch Over by scoobiesnaxKeys to the Treasure by TeaPhotographyLife Reflecting by TeaPhotographyFinal Show by scoobiesnaxMountain pond by miirexA Moment in Time by MtnMama
The Devoted Visions ~ Parameters by miincdesignGolden Altitude by miincdesign
37 CS Promo Poster - Season1 (sample) by FCU777

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Deviant ID

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Casey G
Artist | Hobbyist | Nature Photography
United States

I was born and raised in the state of Wisconsin. I have loved nature all my life. I have loved photography since I was in elementary school. I am into conspiracy theories. Although the majority of my Gallery is Nature Photography I also do traditional, digital, and literature. My favorite website is DA. I have a Nikon Cool Pix l820 and a Kodak Eashshare. Most of my photos are Kodak but all photos from now on are my Nikon. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. I never finished high school due to the way the school was ran. I tried doing home school but my memory is bottom 7% in the nation. I had it tested professionally.
Challenge #10: CRGPhotography by SimplySilent…"

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Why I Bless You

<img src="" / />

Why I Bless You

I've had people laugh at me for blessing them or imply my blessing them for something small is weird. On TV and media you normally have someone say God Bless You when they did something big as if saying God Bless You will take a year off there life. Well I don't feel that way. I Bless You whether you are Christian or not because I feel it can lead to talking, or you looking into Christianity. I feel even if only one person I blessed received Christ whether because I got them thinking about it, although really the Holy Spirit, or because God Blessed them by leading them to him then it will all have been worth it.

I feel I have the answer to Eternal Life in Christ Jesus. He has enough for everyone. I feel like if I put being embarrassed or the fear of man ahead of Christ it would be the same as murder. I feel I have what others are searching for whether they know it or not and to not share it would be the most horrible selfish thing I could do. If you wish to ridicule me or my faith it won't bother me. I will just pray for you even the more. I believe that Ever Lasting Life is not and can not be earned by anyone besides Jesus. I believe that ever lasting life is a gift a free gift that all you have to do is genuinely ask for it and turn from intentional sin. God Loves You. In fact Jesus thinks you are to die for.

How I became a Christian

The year was 2009 Late Summer. I was in my room playing Clue with my Niece when I noticed that the cards and my hand weren't the same ones I had 30 seconds prior. They weren't all different some were the same, so it's not like we switched hands. I didn't say anything. She said it first. We put the game away after being freaked out by it thinking something weird happened. About half an hour later my mom and I went up to my room and I noticed things that went missing months prior were back and other things had been knocked off the wall such as a photo and it was like 5 feet to the left of where it would have fell. Right then and there my mom and I prayed and I started my Journey through Christ.

Later that night I noticed things got weirder. My sister suddenly had a court date with her husband in which she was forced to take in her step child. This Step Child was abusive, trouble making, steals identities, robs places, etc. After she came there she started every day making false 911 calls trying to get them arrested for different stuff they didn't do. Eventually she ran away and was thrown into a group home. It made my sister's marriage worse and she moved in with us.

Sometime after that I went to look up updates on a news story that had been on the news for a long time and on every magazine cover. There had been a sighting over Texas for over an hour of a UFO and seen by like 20,000 people. Recorded on camera from several different angles. With lights blinking in different colors on and off. It was the biggest UFO Sighting in History. However when I went to look up updates on it on the computer it was wiped from History. No articles whatsoever, no videos, no acknowledgement of it whatsoever. I am the only one who remembers it. It's been wiped from everyone's memories but mine.

Then after realizing it was tied to what happened in my room I saw it as a sign by God. Times after that other things happened like buildings appearing in a week that are so big they need to light it up so planes don't hit it. When I asked my mom about it she said it had been there for over 6 months. I had been by that same spot over a dozen times in that period and it was never there. This was another sign.

For months I was plagued with being woke up at all times by a loud demonic voice screaming to the point I'd wake up with my heart pounding. After I started doing the Lords prayer every night before bed it quit and I never had any more of them loud screaming demonic voices wake me again.

That is why I am a Christian because he called me and revealed himself to me. I love You Jesus!

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Things on my desk. Pick which you have also. 

15 deviants said stack of papers
4 deviants said 3/5th eaten chocolate chip cookie
4 deviants said used tissues
4 deviants said Wait I don't have a girlfriend. AHHHH STRANGER DANGER!
3 deviants said inhaler
2 deviants said container of tums turned on it's side
1 deviant said Yoohoo!
No deviants said yellow permanent marker
No deviants said my niece's broken glasses


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