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Why I Bless You

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I've had people laugh at me for blessing them or imply my blessing them for something small is weird. On TV and media you normally have someone say God Bless You when they did something big as if saying God Bless You will take a year off there life. Well I don't feel that way. I Bless You whether you are Christian or not because I feel it can lead to talking, or you looking into Christianity. I feel even if only one person I blessed received Christ whether because I got them thinking about it, although really the Holy Spirit, or because God Blessed them by leading them to him then it will all have been worth it.

I feel I have the answer to Eternal Life in Christ Jesus. He has enough for everyone. I feel like if I put being embarrassed or the fear of man ahead of Christ it would be the same as murder. I feel I have what others are searching for whether they know it or not and to not share it would be the most horrible selfish thing I could do. If you wish to ridicule me or my faith it won't bother me. I will just pray for you even the more. I believe that Ever Lasting Life is not and can not be earned by anyone besides Jesus. I believe that ever lasting life is a gift a free gift that all you have to do is genuinely ask for it and turn from intentional sin. God Loves You. In fact Jesus thinks you are to die for.

How I became a Christian

The year was 2009 Late Summer. I was in my room playing Clue with my Niece when I noticed that the cards and my hand weren't the same ones I had 30 seconds prior. They weren't all different some were the same, so it's not like we switched hands. I didn't say anything. She said it first. We put the game away after being freaked out by it thinking something weird happened. About half an hour later my mom and I went up to my room and I noticed things that went missing months prior were back and other things had been knocked off the wall such as a photo and it was like 5 feet to the left of where it would have fell. Right then and there my mom and I prayed and I started my Journey through Christ.

Later that night I noticed things got weirder. My sister suddenly had a court date with her husband in which she was forced to take in her step child. This Step Child was abusive, trouble making, steals identities, robs places, etc. After she came there she started every day making false 911 calls trying to get them arrested for different stuff they didn't do. Eventually she ran away and was thrown into a group home. It made my sister's marriage worse and she moved in with us.

Sometime after that I went to look up updates on a news story that had been on the news for a long time and on every magazine cover. There had been a sighting over Texas for over an hour of a UFO and seen by like 20,000 people. Recorded on camera from several different angles. With lights blinking in different colors on and off. It was the biggest UFO Sighting in History. However when I went to look up updates on it on the computer it was wiped from History. No articles whatsoever, no videos, no acknowledgement of it whatsoever. I am the only one who remembers it. It's been wiped from everyone's memories but mine.

Then after realizing it was tied to what happened in my room I saw it as a sign by God. Times after that other things happened like buildings appearing in a week that are so big they need to light it up so planes don't hit it. When I asked my mom about it she said it had been there for over 6 months. I had been by that same spot over a dozen times in that period and it was never there. This was another sign.

For months I was plagued with being woke up at all times by a loud demonic voice screaming to the point I'd wake up with my heart pounding. After I started doing the Lords prayer every night before bed it quit and I never had any more of them loud screaming demonic voices wake me again.

That is why I am a Christian because he called me and revealed himself to me. I love You Jesus!

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Hit List

First hits
Jim Falls Wildflower Trail
Irvine Park
Community Garden during Daffodills season if possible

Summer and Autumn Hits

Local Park
Eagle Creek
Jim Falls Bridge and below via path by parking spots.
Old Abe Trail with cell phone only #watchforbears #watchforsnakes
Carson Park as many spots and many times as possible
Irvine Park Cliffs, Dams, and trains
Pine Row farmers field
Jim Falls Dock and it loses leaves early

Get out in Autumn earlier this year it might not get good vibrancy but don't wait for it and hope it does. Watch the amount of leaves falling not the colors.

Things to Plant

Milk Weed as much as possible

Packet of butterfly flowers on far side of sidewalk opposite Daisies.

Get a hearty species of lilies that are colorful like mostly red or mostly blue. Don't need to be dug up.

Custom Box by frostykat13

Earth Day - T13

Fri Apr 24, 2015, 2:26 PM

Lilac - VII by AlexEdg Baltic Sea, Poel, Germany by novopics
 .Seeing Heaven. by beorange between... by impatienss
My love by dangerous-glow
Macro Insects 1 by Okavanga MrFarts Love Drops series : #003 Strong Edge by MrFarts
.::Think Pink::. by zaranix Just Like Magic by alexgphoto
bokehlicious by CliffWFotografie
Red Light Means Go! by goRillA-iNK Earth Musings by Inebriantia
 :: Pink ':: by Liek Dew 5 by Smederevac
Sommer 2011 by Bildmalerin History of Love by Aeternum-Art

       dewfallnight heaves a sigh-
settling contentedly
blankets all with dew
  RainDay 22
Relentlessly, I see
Raindrops falling on the canopy,
Raging peacefully against
Rumbling thunder,
Ringing out in the night-
Refined harmonies and a
Righteous melody.
  Downpourrain-soaked oaken boughs
crystalline droplets dangle
loath to leave the leaves
  Our EarthWe, of the substance-free abyss
We, of the smallest flame from the smallest candle
We, of the finite season, whose clothing never quite fits
We, of the enduring heartache and spiritual storm
We, the voices that cry out into an infinite void
This, our song, commences
There is no aeon for our tears
We abide no such novelty
There is no winter that chills our fears
We go bestride our waning years
Giggling through our frivolity
But all across our horizon view
Mother-Earth will carry us to
That wonder of a child seeing a bird in flight
Beneath the sun
Beyond the night
We, of the millennial chorus
We, of the slightest, well-intentioned notion
We, of the blighted histories
We, of the unsolved mysteries
Part and parcel to the storm
Our hearts and minds have a spherical form
Beneath a burning sky we sleep and dream
Beckoning echoes, unzipping the seam
Our Earth
Her bosom contains us
Our Earth
Her heat sustains us
Our Earth
Her rage destroys us
Our Earth
Her life outlasts us

Above it all by IndigoSummerr Jumping Spider by BenjaminPuppel
Maturity by vamosver Heir to the Throne by vamosver
Above by Leucareth
Move...i am coming by Aderet Illumination by MarsiaMS
Summer memories by aussiefoto Giraffe - African Wildlife - Out of the Dust by LivingWild
Dancing in the Rain by alexgphoto the birds by Nopel-Opzan
Colors of happiness by DragonflyAndromeda

Le chant de Gaia - Gaia's Song by Faedou
Landscape by vinigal123  The Sparrow by LindArtz
Tentacles by SheilaBrinson take you on the way which leads to the light by IreneHorvath
Meditation by TammyPhotography Mutt n Jeff by relhom
Jewels of Nature by Betuwefotograaf
Dews 2 by pagit Copper Drops by ian-roberts
MOSSCAPE by MarcosRodriguez Luna Face by Enkased

the secret lullabydon't ask where, only wander somewhere.  invasivewisteria blooms
drip from pine and oak branches-
clusters crawl with bees
  immaterial observationslight falls into a hush
ringing gold into the grey dusk:
all that once shined now glitters,
and all that glittered will glow.
  Sparrowthe sparrow sings now

the song it sings to me here

fades into nature

Kissed by Light by Oer-Wout
Spiders Universe by Questavia Amber by Oer-Wout
Refracted Waterlily by MastersImagingPhotos Sunshine in a Drop by thrumyeye Enallagma civile - Familiar Bluet by ColinHuttonPhoto
Stripes. by dragonfly-oli Beauty of nature by batchdenon
The beauty of nature. by VisualArtist-Jorn
Lounging by Oer-Wout On the top. by dragonfly-oli
MY HEART IS IN THE HIGHLANDS by Badusev Prowler by Stygma
wild. by sakimichan The color of nature by Zx20
Starstation Earth by werol

Mother EarthThe arc of her spine
mimicked the gentle slopes of
the distant mountains.
  Beautiful WorldBorn free here on earth:
Huge herds in the world.
Wild and free - so live animals
In Gaia, Mother Earth.
Huge forests once on earth
Until the man was born.
Nature so green. Grazing on glade
Is a deer quite shy but close.
Rain over dry countries.
I see the awakening of nature.
Rainbow makes me dream
Peacefully after a hot dry night.
Fog over high mountains,
Waterfall – force of nature,
Silence … just a bird chirping
When the morning is awake.
Sun standing high in the sky
But when the night will soon be dark:
Dark blue is the sky then -
Red sunset.
I see the world with different eyes
As long as it still exists.
Because I am just a part of life
In a dying world untouched.
  LifeLife is the wind blowing through the trees,
Life is the sound of the buzzing bees,
Life is the smell of a summer day,
Life is amazing in every way.
Life is all there is to know,
Life is what makes flowers grow,
Life is important so don't forget,
Life is great so don't regret.
  Haikus for the Land
                                              I, EARTH
                     safari heaven                                    nile's seRpentine ways
             take me home o country roads                         amazon to my village      
         life in the outbAck                                                     ganges for a dip        
             then they we

Melancolia by SheilaBrinson
Happy otter by DeeOtter Fell in love on the seaside. by carinamaiwald
Water by UnreCogniZed
Chutes du Diable Waterfall IV - Exclusive HDR by somadjinn Canning Falls Lower 2 by BrettAZimmerman
Romania by LucianaBaboianu nature HDR by mark1960
Wastwater by newcastlemale
Water sparks by Andorada dew by Richard-Cederfjard
FAMILY by SAMLIM We have lift off! by ColinHuttonPhoto
Bubbly by Twitchan Drops (4K Wallpaper - 150 pts) by Unkopierbar
 Elis 03 by TaliNatPhotography
Nature's Tear by sourcow Mother Nature's Kiss by JeanFan Tree Light by sakimichan
Nature Spirit by Astranat Ode a la Nature by Sweet-Nature
Happiness by A-Motive Mayflowers and Chipmunk DT6 7600-1-2 by detphoto
This morning its looks like a fairytale in Holland by Betuwefotograaf

Weeping WillowI feel the warmth of a summer day –
The sky so wonderful in blue,
The grass in saturated green.
Step by step
I come to meet you.
Along the way
So many thoughts,
So many words in my head.
The stony way becomes shorter
And I see you approaching.
To my left
The blue lake in which you are reflected.
I arrive!
I touch your leaves.
Weeping willow... Oh, weeping willow ... do you feel me?
Do you feel the scars burning me?
Please remove it!
I thank you!
Weeping willow... Oh, weeping willow... do you see me?
Do you see my silent tears?
Please take them away!
I thank you!
Weeping willow... Oh, weeping willow... do you understand me?
Do you recognize my courage?
Please support me!
I thank you!
You stand at the lake,
So quiet and calm –
For me it is a place so peaceful and wise.
You seem to be full of sorrow,
But this picture is an illusion.
Weeping willow... Oh, weeping willow...
You are my hold.
With you it never gets cold
In this world.
Your foliage hangs down sadly,
But it serves a
  Speaking for the treesFrom the tree tops
I can see it all so clearly
The ripples fading further
a tip-toe and a stolen kiss
Outside the hive where we have wandered.
Speaking for the trees,
We stand taller now than ever before
Not to see the writing,
but to hear the whispers
behind closed doors.
I reached...
and touched what I thought was the sun
and noticed it was just beyond my fingertips
but my tiny hand is warmed
by two lips
and that became more important to me
than any sun could be.
Speaking for the trees
Some have made their homes in me
climbed inside my head
behind my eyes
opened the door to my soul
He said he saw a sunset burning through the canopy
of endless time
Hanging like leaves
having held on through a strong wind
  Lonicerahoneyed aroma-
trumpets suckled by hummers
draw summer nearer
cascading, intertwining
weaving closed the gap from spring
  Tending the WeedsI used to let you
tend my garden,
but you've never been good
at telling the roses
apart from the weeds.

touched by nature by MarvinDiehl finding middle earth by zeroskyy
Water by kult-lemon
Snow by Zolfyer Snow Leopard by KrisVlad
the wave by marrgit Light Drops by vamosver
Beaded tree by UszatyArbuz
Spiders 8 by Okavanga Butterfly Effect by Stridsberg
Little diamond. by dragonfly-oli fish jump by Apofiss
Colorful Drops 15 by flowerhippie22
Drip by endprocess83 dream of flower by Anastasia-Ri
Parallel Lives by SheilaBrinson

Undisturbed Stream by RogueMudblood Morning in the swamp by Finnyanne
Blooming World by Malintra-Shadowmoon

Enjoy Earth Day, April 22nd

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