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Why I Bless You

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I've had people laugh at me for blessing them or imply my blessing them for something small is weird. On TV and media you normally have someone say God Bless You when they did something big as if saying God Bless You will take a year off there life. Well I don't feel that way. I Bless You whether you are Christian or not because I feel it can lead to talking, or you looking into Christianity. I feel even if only one person I blessed received Christ whether because I got them thinking about it, although really the Holy Spirit, or because God Blessed them by leading them to him then it will all have been worth it.

I feel I have the answer to Eternal Life in Christ Jesus. He has enough for everyone. I feel like if I put being embarrassed or the fear of man ahead of Christ it would be the same as murder. I feel I have what others are searching for whether they know it or not and to not share it would be the most horrible selfish thing I could do. If you wish to ridicule me or my faith it won't bother me. I will just pray for you even the more. I believe that Ever Lasting Life is not and can not be earned by anyone besides Jesus. I believe that ever lasting life is a gift a free gift that all you have to do is genuinely ask for it and turn from intentional sin. God Loves You. In fact Jesus thinks you are to die for.

How I became a Christian

The year was 2009 Late Summer. I was in my room playing Clue with my Niece when I noticed that the cards and my hand weren't the same ones I had 30 seconds prior. They weren't all different some were the same, so it's not like we switched hands. I didn't say anything. She said it first. We put the game away after being freaked out by it thinking something weird happened. About half an hour later my mom and I went up to my room and I noticed things that went missing months prior were back and other things had been knocked off the wall such as a photo and it was like 5 feet to the left of where it would have fell. Right then and there my mom and I prayed and I started my Journey through Christ.

Later that night I noticed things got weirder. My sister suddenly had a court date with her husband in which she was forced to take in her step child. This Step Child was abusive, trouble making, steals identities, robs places, etc. After she came there she started every day making false 911 calls trying to get them arrested for different stuff they didn't do. Eventually she ran away and was thrown into a group home. It made my sister's marriage worse and she moved in with us.

Sometime after that I went to look up updates on a news story that had been on the news for a long time and on every magazine cover. There had been a sighting over Texas for over an hour of a UFO and seen by like 20,000 people. Recorded on camera from several different angles. With lights blinking in different colors on and off. It was the biggest UFO Sighting in History. However when I went to look up updates on it on the computer it was wiped from History. No articles whatsoever, no videos, no acknowledgement of it whatsoever. I am the only one who remembers it. It's been wiped from everyone's memories but mine.

Then after realizing it was tied to what happened in my room I saw it as a sign by God. Times after that other things happened like buildings appearing in a week that are so big they need to light it up so planes don't hit it. When I asked my mom about it she said it had been there for over 6 months. I had been by that same spot over a dozen times in that period and it was never there. This was another sign.

For months I was plagued with being woke up at all times by a loud demonic voice screaming to the point I'd wake up with my heart pounding. After I started doing the Lords prayer every night before bed it quit and I never had any more of them loud screaming demonic voices wake me again.

That is why I am a Christian because he called me and revealed himself to me. I love You Jesus!

Custom Box Design by me using stock from DA users Malleni-Stock silber-stock FantasyStock shady06 and…


Dedication and Gifts Continued


:iconlady-compassion: made these beautiful fractal gifts using gradients from my work.
Origin of Compassion by Lady-CompassionI Can Feel Her Soul by Lady-CompassionDreaming Beautifully by Lady-Compassion

:iconaashleyb: made this lovely commission
CMSH :: Lily Smiles by aAshleyB

:iconsurrealistic-gloom: made this fantastic dedication
A Town Squirrel by surrealistic-gloom

:iconjocelyner: Made these stunning dedications
Snow is falling. by JocelyneR
Fluffy Hummingbird by JocelyneR

:iconti9er0ne: Took this wonderful photo for my birthday
Shedding tree by ti9er0ne

:iconmyronavitch: made these beautiful creations with my stock
Peacock-1 by MyronavitchPeacock-2 by Myronavitch

:iconelectric-bluejay: made this adorable gift for me
Lily by Electric-Bluejay

:iconrainylake: offered this amazing piece as one part of the gift for her holiday give away event!
Christmas Game Collage by rainylake

:iconkdizzle90: made this beautiful dedication for me
Horsin' Around by TeaPhotography

:iconbirds-and-blooms: staff made this awesome collage featuring the members art including mine.
Birds And Blooms Collage 04 by Sublime-Feline

:icontoomuchcolor: Made this Stylish Painting using my work as a reference.
Zebra 2 by TooMuchColor
Tiger Stripes by TooMuchColor

:icondreamersdelusional: made this high-larious answer to my question in her ask us series.
Ask- 14: Pies for days by DreamersDelusional

:iconjackkdaw: Made this great answer to my question in her ask us series.
Ask Us #27! by Jackkdaw

:iconmiracat: made these great commission/dedication
Over the edge by Miracat
Tigers by Miracat
Merry christmas! by Miracat
How to kill a cat by Miracat

:icono-blue: Made this amazing piece made using my work for reference
The Squirrels by O-blue

:iconelviraNL made this awesome Vector using my work as a reference!
Wild life by elviraNL

:iconweeglyfeesh: made this beautiful photo manipulation dedication!
Autumnal Beauty by Weeglyfeesh

:iconuszatyarbuz: Made this amazing journal skin commission!
(Installable) Black and white journal skin by UszatyArbuz

Thank you all so much!

Custom Box background by me.

Dedications/Gifts and More


:iconwouldstalkhorses: made this magnificent art piece based on my art
Color Meets Canvas by WouldStalkHorses

Amazing birthday present from :icongreenunicornart:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! by GreenUnicornArt

Wonderful painting by :iconmccracken-art: using my work as a base
Licking Luxury by McCracken-Art

Amazing commission by :iconsirsullivan:
Blue Snow :PC: by SirSullivan

:iconchibifox27: Made these tear provoking gift for me
Commission: Happy Place by ChibiFox27
Show Me That Smile by ChibiFox27

Amazing Commissions and Adoptables I bought from :iconroyalraptors:
nice fluffy sheeps yes by royalraptors
king nerd by royalraptors
[SOLD] Strawberry Beast SET PRICE -SALE- by royalraptors
[SOLD] 'New Breed' UNIQUE Onisheep AUCTION -AB- by royalraptors
Spirrix Customs by royalraptors
minisheep meltdown by royalraptors
animu eggo-kun by royalraptors

Wonderful Commissions from :iconcatwolfy:
[commission]  CRGPhotography [2/2] by CatWolfy
[commission]  CRGPhotography [1/2] by CatWolfy

Beautiful Commissions from :iconghasterr:
you silly goose by ghasterr

Astronomically Amazing Commissions from :iconcharsworld:
Minisheep :COMMISSION: by CharsWorld
Onisheep :COMMISSION: by CharsWorld



Christians Don't Support Sin - Stamp by StarrcelineI don't support homosexuality - Stamp by StarrcelineLonely-Stamp by DinoclawsAnti-rape stamp by Maran-ZeldeStamp: End Child Marriage by 8manderz8Stamp- Depression by DametoraFat vs Skinny by RoliStampsInanimate objects do not commit crimes. by XxDiaLinnxXChristianity Teaches Love by Allendra3Christian by Kiwi-chuChristian by NaujTheDragonflyNot ashamed to be Christian by sugarpoultryI Love Trees Stamp II by CapturedCosmicDebris.:SHARPIE:. -Stamp by ChiiSpiritStamp: I love NATURE by silsadoPhotography stamp by StampMakerLKJDuck Dynasty Stamp by Never-Unsure+fav bomber by someth1ngw1ckedStamp Request: snivy1500 by The-Lost-HopeMaking Sense Stamp by JFG107-StampsI hate when no messages stamp by SupremeSonrioAnti-Toddlers and Tiaras stamp by Apple-RingsI support my friends stamp by SynfullImperfect Stamp by Vexic929Who is the Oppressed One? by Vexic929+fav bomber by someth1ngw1ckedStamp Request: snivy1500 by The-Lost-HopeMaking Sense Stamp by JFG107-StampsDon't Thank Me for the Llama by DirtyZephyrAssassinDefinition of Marriage Stamp by PsalmSevenClean Language Stamp by surfersquidI'm A Christian and I Don't Hate Gays Stamp by OSelahAdonaideviantart addicted stamp by belgiangirlI love Lemurs by WishmasterAlchemistAnimalAwareness stamp by UnicornaramaAgainst White Tiger Breeding by iamPURPLELove Big Cats Stamp by PyroStormTigers. by Monster-BoarI love Gibbons by WishmasterAlchemistMonkeys. by Monster-BoarOrangutans. by Monster-BoarAnti Abortion by SionnaDehrPoetry Stamp by ImprintMechanicStamp-God Is My Number 1 Dad by Jazzy-C-OaksStamp-I'd Rather Be Hated by Jazzy-C-OaksI won't whine  . . . by ZydenGod Loves EVERYONE Stamp by OSelahAdonaiI Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31dMore time... by prosaixStamp: Love Commenters by Flame-of-the-PhoenixStamp : UNIQUE by SHIZU-91Typing Stamp by In-The-MachineI :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzleDA Stamp - Pizza 01 by tppgraphicsDA Stamp - Nature 01 by tppgraphicsTradi AND Digi Art Love stamp by izka197STAMP: Glasses by EmotikonzImperfect by LostKittenLove doesnt equal sex stamp by Narukami90Anti-Stamp by KaizokuShojoRainbows for all by DanileeNatsumiModesty by Lightmare7Get Even With  Stamp by Mirz123I support natural looks by MrsZeldaLinkSuicide Stamp by SparkLumBeauty Illusions by DanileeNatsumiAnti-Racism by Keykeyi dont smoke by sergbelStop Child Porn Stamp by ppgrainbowCaptain Corndog Stamp By Nomnivore8 by GreenUnicornArt.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotI want you to succeed by HarmonicSonicAnimals vs. People by stamptroveAnti Bullying Stamp by Morgan-the-RabbitNo Stereotypes by silentbattlecryDon't Drink stamp by RichiHartStraight Stamp by 10-Aerith-10I Support Honest Critique by querulousArtisanORIGINAL CHARACTERS da stamp by starplexusMonogamy by EternalxRequiemI Support Forgivness by darkmatter86Geek Stamp by darkmatter86Tradi AND Digi Art Love stamp by izka197Love Stamp by pincel3dMommy Stamp by pincel3dLittle Guy - Stamp by pincel3dI love my HATERS stamp by La-Mishi-MishRespect for Birds Stamp by VampsStockWhy? stamp by aftersunsetsDA Stamp - Nature 01 by tppgraphics


Earth II: Life on The Wild Side

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 17, 2017, 1:00 PM

Mandarin Male by OkavangaPlains Bison - Snowy Face by JestePhotographyTuatara by FeytohBlack Rhinoceros by EdgedFeatherAnolis carolinensis by nakkimoNyctereutes procyonoides by DangerousLukeSpike 4 by EdgedFeatherThe Catcher in the Rime by thrumyeyeGreen and brown by Berlin-SteglitzI would really, really like to have that leaf by Maria-SchreudersThrough the blizzard by BogdanBoevEye Contact by 00Michael00ABlack-Capped Chickadee - Windblown by JestePhotographyDromedary Camel by EdgedFeatherPretentious Peacock by InayatShahWinter is yummy by woxysBlue jeans, Costa Rica. by MCN22June At Seiberling Nature Realm by MYPeanutGalleryGhost Glass Frog, Costa Rica by MCN22Wolf by Maria-SchreudersBear by vinayanAccipiter nisus by DangerousLuke

The CheekyMooMoo

You should check out the amazing Art Queen that is Cheekymoomoo

TY Gift: Justin Time by Cheekymoomoo Gift: Stroll through the countryside by Cheekymoomoo Onisheep set price - Snow Deer (Mine now) by Cheekymoomoo A very grumpy birthday with frogs by Cheekymoomoo Ask the YouTube Nerds Banner by Cheekymoomoo Squid kid and octopus child by Cheekymoomoo

Background is by darkdissolution .

royalraptors is doing a Draw her OC's Contest first place gets 1500 points or $15 

13 deviants said Mia by royalraptors
11 deviants said You also win a custom character art piece like back to the future by royalraptors
9 deviants said TIMEKEEPER REDESIGN by royalraptors
6 deviants said Distira by royalraptors
4 deviants said Some of her OCs rainbows and sunshine by royalraptors
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3 deviants said {MYO PACAPILLAR} - Ducky by royalraptors
1 deviant said watch out he's got a bus by royalraptors
No deviants said my terrible son by royalraptors
No deviants said everyone's mom your mom my mom mom of everything by royalraptors

Dedications, Gifts, and Commissions


:iconkodapops: made these amazing pieces based on my art
Arrival - My Style by kodapops Grandmas Pink Roses by kodapops Belinda Mary Sunshine - My Style by kodapops Peacock Colour - my style (beautiful dreamer) by kodapops

Thanks goes to :iconteaphotography: for the multitude of dedications :D
Tidings of Gratitude by TeaPhotographySummer Time Love by TeaPhotographyHappy Endings- I Survived by TeaPhotographyHoping for Harley by TeaPhotographyMore Sweet Than Sour by TeaPhotographySpecial Visitors by TeaPhotographyLots of Kitty Cuddles by TeaPhotographyLike Patchwork by TeaPhotographyMy Wish To Realize Your Impact by TeaPhotographyThe Magic of The Butterfly by TeaPhotographyBrown and Blue, I Love You by TeaPhotographyBreathing Easier, Thanks to You by TeaPhotographyHorsin' Around by TeaPhotographyUntil They All Have a Home by TeaPhotographyThe Key is Teamwork by TeaPhotographyHunter Gives Thanks by TeaPhotographyKeeping a Wary Watch by TeaPhotographyThe Shelter Project STARS by TeaPhotographyThe Journey of the Spiral by TeaPhotography

:icongigi50: Made this amazing Birthday dedication
Celebration by gigi50

:iconcolonel-knight-rider: Made these wonderful dedications
Crown of Silk Banners by Colonel-Knight-Rider
The Bird of Paradise: My Favorite Flower by Colonel-Knight-Rider

:iconmr-toontastic: made these beautiful answer arts and commission.
The Nuku Button by Mr-ToontasticAsk Jean-Luc no. 45 by Mr-ToontasticAsk Jean-Luc! no. 35 by Mr-Toontastic

:iconpythos-cheetah: made this gem photomanipulation using my stock.
She's a Rainbow by pythos-cheetah

:iconlorello: made this stunning painting using my work as a reference!
Daylight by Lorello


Hit List


First hits
Jim Falls Wildflower Trail- Missed
Irvine Park- need to hit again in mid June
Community Garden during Daffodills season if possible. Hit Daffodils need to rehit for others.

Summer and Autumn Hits

Local Park-

Eagle Creek

Jim Falls Bridge and below via path by parking spots.- Can't get below venomouse snake infestation

Old Abe Trail with cell phone, only #watchforbears #watchforsnakes

Carson Park as many spots and many times as possible-

Irvine Park Cliffs, Dams, bridges, stairs, beach, stream and trains-

Pine Row farmers field-

Jim Falls Dock and it loses leaves early-

Subjects to get photos of.
Pine Cones on tree and on ground.
Acorns on trees and on ground.
fruit by books
berry trees
pine needles- Got
fungi of all kinds
anything geology
frogs and or salamanders
turtles both in the wild and in captivity if possible
snowflakes if possible
Wild Deer and Elk at Irvine if possible
Cherries July
Sunflower Fields
apple trees at sisters

Things to Plant

Milk Weed as much as possible. Ordered offline and bought some in stores.

Get a hearty species of lilies that are colorful like mostly red or mostly blue. Buy perennial already bloomed.

Need to weed. The one that looks like our grass needs to be removed.

Hills near Bloomer and Elk Mound.

Beaver Creek Reserve

Flower Patch near old bear den at Irvine Park.

frog location in Ladysmith.


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